Tecmo Bowl, Part 2

Everything I know about football, I learned from Tecmo Bowl.

  1. Walter Payton is the greatest football player of all time.
  2. Bo Jackson’s career was cut way too short.
  3. Lawrence Taylor was the most dominant defensive player in the history of football.
  4. Chicago is awesome when they have a great running back and a dominant middle linebacker.
  5. Special teams can win or lose a ball game (the ability to block extra points by choosing the second guy on the line from the top with Chicago, is an extreme advantage).
  6. A good tight end can bail  you out of a lot of problems (especially when calling Pass 2 with Chicago).
  7. Tackling with one man is good, tackling with two or more is better.  And when tackling, it is very risky to leave your feet.
  8. Nothing is more embarassing on a football field that getting thrown into the air by your opponent.
  9. You need a balanced offense – If your plays are 3:1 in favor of passing, it is too easy to shut you down, no matter how great your quarterback is (sorry San Francisco and Miami).
  10.  Halftime shows are always too long.
  11. There is nothing wrong with a high-five after a touchdown.

Any more things you learned from Tecmo Bowl?

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One response to “Tecmo Bowl, Part 2

  1. Enjoyed the write up. As a man who plays 100+ games a year of the original Tecmo Bowl with his buddies, its good to see others out there are still enjoying it. Check out my site

    Ive got a ton of content there on Tecmo Bowl(including a huge strategy guide), and the equally awesome RBI Baseball game.

    I do have to partially disagree with your 3 pass play comment. We learned how to defend Miami very well in recent years and they have to really sustain a long drive to score anymore. The 49ers are a different story and they still slay all defenses in their paths.

    Calling the shotgun play vs Miami most all game is the way to go, and then mix in the occasional pass 1 or 2 call on 3rd down.

    Against SF, you gotta sit on pass 1 calls most all game. What happens is you get the computer controlled player coverage on Jerry Rice when SF calls pass 2 or 3. The bottom LB covers Rice all day and negates their best player. Then you just got to sneak in a few pass 2 or 3 calls occasionally to switch it up and stop em.

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