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The Pulpit Fiction Podcast is for all of us who looked up Ezekiel 25:17, and were sorely disappointed. This is the line that is quoted be Samuel Jackson’s character. It is a haunting line, delivered with passion by an amazing actor. The quote however, contains some extra padding. There is a nugget of truth in the movie-version, but a closer look reveals some of it comes from the book of Tarantino, not the book of Ezekiel. If you, like Eric and me, looked up that passage after seeing the movie, this might be the podcast for you.

The podcast is simple. We use the Revised Common Lectionary as our guide. Each week we take a close look at the Gospel passage of the lectionary and one of the other readings. Our friend, Richard Bruxvoort Colligan gives us a 5-8 minute piece on the Psalm, which is always excellent. We fill out the rest of the hour with a quick reading of the last text, a “Tasty Wafer” of the week, and a “Featured Musician.” The Tasty Wafer is usually some resource that we find valuable and want to share.

Eric and I are two 30-something pastors who preach every week. We love the Bible and are deeply rooted in scholarship. We also love 90’s pop culture, movies that most wouldn’t consider “Safe for Church,” and bourbon. We have a good time with the conversation. I think you can tell that we are friends, and that we care passionately about the Jesus, the Bible, and the Church. We also get to do interviews every once in awhile, and these are quite fun. We’ve chatted with Rachel Held Evans twice, Nadia Bolz Weber, Adam Hamilton, and some other very interesting folks. So, without further ado, go below and check out the latest episode or see all the cool people with whom we have talked. You can also search “Pulpit Fiction” on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, or other  podcast apps.

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