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Phillies Phanatic

Last year at about this time I wrote about Why I love the Phillies.  They were playing in game four of the World Series.  A few days later I was wiping the tears from my eyes with my daughter in my arms as I heard Harry Kalas make the call, “The Philadelphia Phillies are the World Champions of baseball!”

Today I am watching the Phillies.  Amazingly, they are back in the World Series. They have a chance at going down in history as one of the greatest teams ever.  It feels strange.  I spent the first 32 years of my life in perpetual disappointment with the Phillies.  Until last year my most vivid memory watching the Phillies was watching Joe Carter round the bases after ripping my heart out.  That all changed last year. Until last year I was a fan of a team that was best known for the record 10,000 losses.  Until last year I could never be accused of being a fair-weather fan. 

This year I am the fan with the confidence of being the defending World Series champions.  Last year I agonized over every pitch. I raged at every close call that went to the Rays, and held my breath everytime the Phillies had someone in scoring position.  Last year I was the fan of a team no one wanted to win because everyone was so enamored of the Cinderella Rays.  This year I am the fan of the team that everyone is pulling for because everyone hates the Yankees.

A lot can change in a year.  I’m hoping one thing doesn’t.


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