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I only have one sermon.

As you may know, I have started posting sermons on this blog.  It has been a great source of excitement for me because I consider myself a preacher.  I don’t consider myself a great preacher – I just believe that preaching is a deeply-seeded part of who I am.

As I’ve been slowly posting sermons, I have been reflecting on how I can be better.  In this process, I’ve started to get a little worried.  I’m fearful that I’ve been preaching the same thing over and over.  I wonder if I’ve been as creative as possible.  I wonder if I’ve gotten into a rut.  In the midst of this, I was given a gift.

Grace comes in the most amazing of places, from the most amazing of sources.  Today I was given the amazing gift of grace by an 11-year-old girl at a church camp.  A group of five people – three junior high girls, an adult volunteer, and myself – have come to a weekend retreat.  This morning we were gathered for our small group time and we were reflecting on the fact that God not only loves us, but that God likes us.

In the discussion, I directed each of them to say one thing about everyone else that they like.  “I like this about…”  Each person had to simply listen as the four people said one thing they like about that person.  When it was my turn, I was a little reluctant.  Then I received my gift.

“Pastor Robb,” one of the girls said, “I like that when you talk at church – during your what do you call it? sermon?  I like that when you do those you always talk about how God loves us.  You always seem to work it in.  You always make sure we know that God loves us no matter what.”

OK, so maybe I have been a little redundant.  And maybe that’s okay.


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