Mothers’ Day Litany

One:      All who gather here are sons or daughters.

All:         We praise God for the women who gave us life.

One:      For mothers brave, strong, compassionate, full of wisdom and grace,

All:         We give God thanks and praise.

One:      For mothers vulnerable, worried, frustrated, and hurried,

All:        We pray for peace.

One:      For relationships that are strained and no longer a source of joy,

All:         We pray for healing.

One:      For mothers who have died, that live no longer with us, but whose light shines on in our hearts and memories,

All:         We pray for those that mourn, and give God thanks for life eternal.

One:      For mothers who grieve, who have lost children born or unborn,

All:         We weep with those with broken hearts.

One:      For those who are struggling to raise children, who are tired and weary,

All:         We pray that we may be their village, offering real help in hard times.

One:      For those who are preparing emptier nests,

All:         We both celebrate and mourn with you, and hope their wings are as strong as their roots are deep.

One:      For stepmothers, navigating the pitfalls and joys of creating a new family,

All:         We pray for wisdom and patience.

One:      For Grandmothers who are doing the hard work of raising children again,

All:         We pray the caregivers have those who care for them.

One:      For those who are waiting and sometimes struggling with the biological process to bring new life, and for those who are waiting for adoptive process to be fulfilled.

All:         We wait eagerly with you, and offer you our hand to hold in the trial.

One:      For women who do not have children, but instead teach, lead, care for, and guide the children of others,

All:         We give God thanks and praise.

One:      For the mothers, sisters, daughters in our midst and around the world. For the women who, created in the image of God, give not just life, but abundant life. For women fighting, struggling, and sweating for the sake of others. For women caring, compassionate, and crying with the heart of Christ. For the caregivers, prophets, preachers, teachers, leaders, shepherds, healers. For Moms, in their wide variety and many forms,

All:         We give God thanks and praise.

Permission to use this litany for public worship is granted. If it will be reprinted in worship bulletin, please attribute with link to Also, leave me a comment and let me know you’re using it, you don’t have to wait for me to reply. It just makes me happy to hear when other congregations use liturgy I write.

A refection on the social justice origins of Mother’s Day

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137 responses to “Mothers’ Day Litany

  1. I will use this most likely in worship on Sunday. Thank you for writing.

  2. Reblogged this on Musings Of Living A Blessed Life and commented:
    A beautiful litany for Mother’s Day

  3. I will use this wonderful litany on Sunday, thank you.

  4. Amy Meyer

    A lovely tribute to all women. We will use this litany during worship on Sunday.

  5. Jeff Tindall

    I am using this as a source of themes for the sermon this week. Thank you.

  6. Pastor Sondra Krogstad

    Thank you, we are going to use this at Trinity Lutheran Church, Turtle Lake, ND. Pastor Sondra

  7. Daphne Bender

    I’ve always struggled with how to honor the wide range of “mothering” women… Your litany does it well. I will be using it as an opening litany on Sunday. Thank you very much.

  8. I’ll be using it in the panhandle of WV. Thank you so much!

  9. Kris Hackbart

    Printing for use in NW Iowa, thank you

  10. A.F. Sampson

    We will be using this wonderful litany that covers the struggles of Mother’s Day so well. Thank you.

  11. I will most likely use this in worship on Sunday! Thank you!!

  12. Brenda

    We will link to this on our website and on our FB page. Thank you!

  13. carl campbell

    Thanks. I will share it with others via email and facebook.

  14. Shannon

    We’ll be using this during worship on Sunday as we honor all women and their contributions to the world.

  15. Steve Aynsley

    I’ll use this great inclusive litany at Pymble Uniting Church in Sydney, Australia with minor changes to acknowledge grieving mothers in Nepal and those who have lost mothers in that disaster. Thanks

  16. Matt Lamb

    I may use this. Thank you.

  17. Pat

    Grateful for your words and planning to share in Dickerson, MD

  18. Thanks for these words — I’ll be sharing them in worship this coming Sunday!

  19. We are using this. Thank you!

  20. We will be using your litany on Sunday – thank you. I have also translated it into Spanish if you would like a copy.

  21. We will be using this Sunday, thanks for the beautiful litany that captures the heart of many:)

  22. Thank you for this resource. We will be using it at Bethel in Minneapolis this Sunday. Pr B

  23. We will use your litany this Sunday here at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Burton, TX. Wonderfully written!

  24. Pam Morse

    Thank you for this inclusive intercession for the women of the world who are all, in some way, acting as mothers. I appreciate your grace-filled words. We’ll be using in this Sunday.

  25. M McCarthy

    We are using it in Vernon Center NY

  26. Kay Dubuisson

    I will use this wonderful litany on Sunday, thank you.

  27. Thank you so much for offering up this litany. It speaks volumes about the different “Mothers” we all have.
    With your permission (and attribution) I will be using it tomorrow in my service. Community of Christ, Austin, TX

  28. Kathy Fraser

    Thanks so much for this litany. I will be using it at Knox Presbyterian Church in Kincardine Ontario. I have adapted it slightly to address a couple of sensitivities, but have included the link to the original, and have indicated your permission to use it in public worship.
    Many blessings
    Rev. Kathy Fraser

  29. I will use this beautiful litany. Rev. Alex at New Covenant Community Church, Akron, Ohio

  30. Tina, from Wisconsin

    I am planning on using this as part of my sermon. Thank you.

  31. Ashley

    I will probably use this. Thank you!

  32. Susan

    thank you for this, I will use it in today’s worship service (yes I am a last minute pastor in more ways than one!)

  33. Annie from Long Island

    Thank you so much for this resource. We used this on Mother’s Day and it was great way to have a nod to Mother’s Day without making the day the entire focus.
    -Rev. Annie H

  34. Barrett

    Thanks for the wonderful Litany. Using it May 8, 2016.

  35. Thank you for this. We will be using it on May 8 -Intern Pr. Linda S.

  36. Pr. Cheryl K

    I will use this most likely in worship on Sunday. I have adapted it slightly to address a couple of sensitivities, but have included the link to the original, and have indicated your permission to use it in public worship. Thank you for writing

  37. Krista Keisling

    Thank you so much for this litany. We will be using it at Christ Church in Leck Kill, PA. Pastor Krista Keisling

  38. Thank you for making this available to use.- CLC, LCMC

  39. Rev Kurt Wieser

    thank your for this wide ranging and inclusive litany. The Grace United Church of Christ of Loyal Oak congregation will be sharing this litany on Sunday May 8, 2016.

  40. I will be using this this coming weekend.

  41. Jennifer Chapman

    I plan to use this! Thank you!!

  42. Rev. Carmen M. Rosario

    I plan to use this litany on May 8,2016, but with your permission I plan to translate it to Spanish. It will be part of the liturgy for the First Spanish Presbyterian Church of Brooklyn, our worship service is bilingual. Thank you for this beautiful litany.

  43. Liz Bidgood Enders

    Thank you for sharing this litany. I greatly appreciate the inclusive spirit, and I plan to use it in worship at Ridgeway Community Church of the Brethren (Harrisburg, PA) this Sunday, with attribution.

  44. Leslie

    Using this again this Sunday. Thank you for this beautiful piece of liturgy.

  45. I’m sorry I just now saw this. I hope you feel free to translate it. If you could post your translation here, that would be great. Then I would add it to the original post (with credit to you)

  46. Bruce

    I’m stepping in at the last minute for Mother’s Day service and came across your site. I really like the Litany and plan on using it. BN Chaplain, US Army

  47. I have re-posted to my blog, it has always been my favorite.

  48. Marissa Harrison

    So beautiful! You’ve covered so many categories of moms and even women who are not moms. Thank you for your diversity and inclusivity. We’ll be using this at St. Peter’s Lutheran, Camden, IN and Faith Lutheran Logansport, IN on May 14th this year. Your website is at the bottom of our printed materials with a note saying we have used it with permission. THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS GREAT RESOURCE!! Rev. Marissa Harrison

  49. Karline Dubuisson

    I will use this wonderful litany on Sunday, thank you.

  50. Robert Argot

    Thank you…from a fatter pastor of the Lutheran persuasion.

  51. Alexa Smith

    We’ll be using this, too. Or a variation on it. Thank you for doing this.

  52. Ben

    Thanks for a litany that acknowledges that not every Mother’s Day is a happy one. Planning to use it this Mother’s Day. Thank you again.

  53. Michelle Nickens

    I will be using this litany in worship on Mother’s Day 2017. Thank you!

  54. Excellent litany. I plan to use it this Sunday!

  55. Garey Eakes

    I appreciate the sensitivity with which you have crafted this litany, and I will use it in my church this Mother’s Day. Many Thanks

  56. Lori

    Thank you. I will be offering these prayers on Sunday.

  57. Mary C. Stewart

    Thank you, will be sharing this with my congregation

  58. We will be using this for our Responsive Reading on Mother’s Day at First Presbyterian Church in Connersville, IN. Thank you.

  59. Chris

    This is a great litany – broad, inclusive and caring. I will be using it this Mother’s Day. Thank you.

  60. Using your litany this Sunday at St. Luke Lutheran Church in Beckley, WV. Thank you!

  61. Lucinda Britt

    used this in worship 2 years ago. Just put it on my facebook page and asked friends to pray with me. Blessings to you.

  62. Erin

    Will be using this! Thank you!

  63. Jane Meaker

    Appreciate being able to use this May 13!

  64. diane

    Will use in Sunday Worship, Mother’s Day, 2018.. Thank You for sharing your gift !

  65. Laura

    Thank you for this wonderful litany! My friend and I put together the prayers and prayer services for our Catholic Women of The Chapel group, and we are including this in a prayer service.

  66. Will use this for Mother’s Day this year – thanks so much! Pastor Christa von Zychlin Trinity Lutheran Church of Las Cruces, NM

  67. Kyle Murphy

    I will be using this year in NC. Thank you for such a thoughtful litany.

  68. Deborah Kapp

    Thanks. I’m using the mothers day litany in 2018. it’s lovely

  69. Susan Presley

    Using this in Northern Illinois, with a different voice for each “one.” Thanks!

  70. Bryan Ries

    We hope to use this litany in our little church in middle Tennessee this coming Sunday. Thank you for sharing

  71. Sarah Samuelson

    We will be using this on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan in New Era, MI. Love Pulpit Fiction. Listen every week. Thanks for your ministry to the wider church!

  72. William A. Pavuk

    Thank you for this. Thoughtfully covers the bases that we need to cover in celebrating Mothers in worship.

  73. Emily Nesdahl

    I think this is my favorite Mother’s Day Litany I have seen. We will use in worship this week.

  74. We are thrilled to use this on Sunday! Thank you for such a beautiful litany!

  75. Diane Barrett-Curtis

    We are using this on Mother’s Day, May 13, 2018. Thank you for making this available.

  76. I plan to use this in worship on 5/13/18.

  77. Will use this on Sunday. Thank you!

  78. Herbie Miller

    Presbyterians in Dayton, OH are using it. Thanks!

  79. Melissa McCarthy

    Using this in upstate NY! Thank you.

  80. angel ponio


  81. Ann Klavano

    using it at Bethlehem Lutheran in Kronenwetter WI

  82. Beautiful. We used these at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Del Mar, CA. We modified slightly to include prayers for “the mother Church” and the Nation and those in authority, as we well-regulated Episcopalians are required to do….. People LOVED these prayers and said they wish they didn’t have to wait another year to pray them gain…. Found you via the Pulpit Fiction podcast, btw…

  83. Dexter

    Longview Presbyterian Church is going to use it for Mother’s Day 2019! Thank you for sharing these beautiful words!

  84. Thanks for the litany. I hope to use it this mother’s day in worship

  85. Angela Gay Kinkead

    Thanks for your work. Using MD litany in lieu of the Pastoral Prayer on Mother’s Day 2019

  86. Janet Newett

    Thank you for your beautiful words!

  87. Rachel Small Stokes

    I’m using an adapted version of this (adapted for a broader gender spectrum and to include fully estranged parents) in Louisville, KY. Thank you so much!

  88. Pastor Mark

    This is great! We’ll be using this Sunday at East Brady Baptist Church in East Brady, PA.

  89. Kari Lee

    I am using this for Mothers Day. Thank you

  90. Jeffrey G Edwards

    Great piece of liturgical writing. Thanks, I think I will use it.

  91. Bethany Walker

    Using this Sunday at two congregations in WI. Many thanks!
    Intern Pastor Bethany Walker

  92. I’m using this in 2019 for Community Prayers after Joys and Concerns and silence. Some of these statements startle me as I prepare to have adult children of children raised by grandparents (supposedly) showing up. Part of me wants to protect these absent parents…but I think there is so much benefit in praising the grandmothers who are parenting all over again. Thanks for your good work.
    Rev. Diana Farrell White, Covenant Community Church in Elba, AL

  93. Thank you for this beautiful litany. It’s perfect for Mother’s Day. We will be using it at Sin City Church in Henderson, NV

  94. Desiree

    In Tucson, AZ we are getting ready to share your writing during communion. Thank you for sharing your words.

  95. chispah0use

    This is lovely. We might use it – thank you

  96. Thank you for sharing – we will use your words for inspiration in our Mother’s Day service this week – with some modifications for the pandemic!

  97. Trinity, Rapid City will use the litany on 5-10-2020

  98. Liz

    I used this last year and I will use it again this year (slightly adapted for my context)! You are a gift to all of us. Thank you, thank you.

  99. Jenny

    Thank you for this. Will be using it this Sunday

  100. Bill

    Thanks for this litany. We are using it at Seneca United Methodist Church on 5/10/20

  101. Richard Reed

    I will be using this on Sunday, May 10, 2020 during our online worship. Thank you for the litany.

  102. Sybil J Perrell

    Thank you for this wonderful litany. I will be using it this Sunday as part of my service.

  103. Sarah

    Thanks for this great litany. I listen to Pulpit Fiction regularly and was glad to find these words here, too. We’ll be using them for worship at St. James Lutheran in Youngstown PA this year!

  104. Ruth Mathieson

    Thank you for this litany we will use it at St Bede’s Semaphore South Australia in our church at home pewsheet and zoom liturgy – with an additional petition:
    “For mothers and grandmothers physically separated
    from children and grandchildren during pandemic self-isolation at home and in aged care:
    We pray for expressions of love to bridge the physical distance.”

  105. Emily Olsen

    I will be reading this as the opening to a church radio broadcast.

  106. Fredrick Simbo

    Thanks. I will use this in worship service.

  107. Pastor Ellen Martin

    I will be using this on Mother’s Day. It says exactly what I was looking for.
    Bless you for the willingness to allow us to share.

  108. Darlene Dellinger

    Sharing ‘this again with my church and social media. Thank you for this !

  109. Rebecca

    Thanks for sharing this … will be using it during tomorrow’s worship … I serve two UMC churches in rural Kentucky

  110. Jerry

    I will be using this Litany for Mother’s Day this Sunday May 10. Thank You for providing us access. It is a beautiful prayer and so inclusive.
    Blessings on your continued ministry.

  111. Frances S Connell

    I used this for a livestream worship service at Bethlehem UMC in Bishopville SC. Prior to starting the service, I posted the litany with a link to your blog on my Facebook page so that those listening in could read and respond.
    Rev. Fran Connell

  112. Kaila Armbruster

    Using this on Mother’s Day 2021! Thank so much!!

  113. Pastor Troy

    I appreciate your Mothers Day reflection, and would be grateful to use it at Bayham United Church’s (Straffordville, Ontario) Mothers Day Service.

  114. Samantha Corbin

    So grateful for your liturgy. Looking forward to using it with my three little Methodist churches in South-Central PA next Sunday.

  115. Rev Dr John Hooper

    Thank you for this litany. I plan to use it at Esk Uniting Church in Queensland, Australia on Sunday, Mother’s Day. Grace and peace,

    Rev Dr John Hooper

  116. Pastor Jeff St. Clair

    I am using your litany for New Hope’s Covid 19 edition of Mother’s Day. Thanks

  117. Thank you for this litany and for allowing us to use it.

  118. Pastor Joshua Beben

    Serve a 7 point charge of rural UMC churches in central Pennsylvania. Planning on using this for worship this year. Thanks for sharing your work. Pastor Joshua Beben

  119. Pastor Lana

    I plan to use your litany in worship on May 9, 2021. Thank you.

  120. Worship Leader in Idaho

    Just found this as I was looking for resources for the sermon for this coming week and what a beautiful responsive prayer.

  121. David Robberts-Mosser

    Thank you for providing this wonderful litany. I will be using it in Trinity United Church of Christ’s worship May 9, 2021.
    Rev. David Robberts-Mosser

  122. jimmyfisk

    I am using your well-crafted litany this Lord’s Day, May 9 at Garden Lakes Baptist Church in Rome, GA. The Lord bless you and keep you.

  123. Jimmy Gentry

    I am using your well-crafted litany this Lord’s Day, May 9 at Garden Lakes Baptist Church in Rome, GA. The Lord bless you and keep you.

  124. Deaconess Claudia Smith

    I will use this in our Mother’s Day Service this Sunday at Salem Baptist Church in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Thanks for allowing us to use it.

  125. Hi. Thank you. I will use this Litany in my church. God Bless You!

  126. Jason

    Thankful for and using your prayer in our service this Sunday. Blessings!

  127. Bennie Grace

    We will be using this for a live streamed worship, Mother’s Day 2021 with credits. Thank you so much for this beautiful and inclusive prayer!

  128. Pastor Lynn Shaw

    Thank you so much for the beautiful Mother’s Day Litany! ❤ We'll be using it tomorrow morning, May 9, 2021, at the Nazarene Church in Loudon, New Hampshire. Blessings to you!

  129. Jeannette Moore

    I hope to use this Mother’s Day Litany at Mission Hope Community On Mother’s day May 8, 2022. I will be filling in for the pastor that week. Thank you for letting me use it.

  130. Pastor Lynn Hackman

    Will be using on 8 May 2022, Trinity UMC, Lebanon, PA. Thank you!

  131. Nicole Cox

    Robb, just came across this today as I was looking for a new Mother’s Day litany (the one I’ve used for years felt too flat for times like these). Thanks for sharing this beautiful writing. We will be putting it to good use at Willow Hill this weekend!

  132. Brett

    Using it for Mother’s Day 2022 in a UMC in Virginia. Thanks for making this available!

  133. Sue Odneal

    We plan to use this at Community United Methodist Church, Fairfield CA, on Sunday, May 8, 2022. Thank you for such a beautiful and inclusive litany.

  134. Wayne DeFrance Lawton

    This is a very well written litany for Mother’s Day. Thank you. We do not have a web page – but Cedar Hill Community Church, Elizabethtown, PA is on Facebook.

  135. PG

    Thank you for this Litany. We plan to use it at Bel Air Church in MD on May 8, 2022.

  136. Thank you for sharing this and giving permission to use it. I will be using it to close out my sermon on May 8, 2022

  137. Phil Votaw

    Dear Rev. McCoy – Thank you for writing this litany for Mother’s Day and the great diversity of women’s roles we celebrate as motherhood in both our faith and secular communities. We used this liturgy in worship May 8, 2022 as a recognition and celebration of all these forms mothers take in our lives. Thank you for granting permission for your litany’s use. – Pastor Phil, First Presbyterian Church in Elwood and Tipton, IN

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