Pulpit Fiction Episode 157

This week in the Pulpit Fiction Podcast, we talk about one of the most beloved of all Jesus’ stories, the Prodigal Son. The word prodigal means ‘wasteful or extravagant.’ We ask the question, which person in the story was the most wasteful? The first son who wasted his inheritance, the second son who wasted is position in the family, or the father who wasted his dignity and place of power?

Rob Leveridge pulled double duty with the Voice in the Wilderness and the featured song. Both were great.

Pulpit Fiction Podcast Episode 157 PF Ep 157 FB

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  1. bthomas

    The focus of the parable Jesus told is the misunderstood father. Neither son has a clue as to the heart of their father. It is a word picture portraying the Heavenly Father… misunderstood by those who should know him best. People still misunderstand the Father. Some see in him a shadow of that pharaoh who demands the impossible, bricks w/o straw. Some see one who is blind to right and truth and fairness. Neither understand the Father. To them both, he is an enigma, a mystery, a question the answer of which they cannot grasp except on the Father’s terms. He welcomes both into his house. But they may only come on his terms. His house. His rules. The party he throws with happy abandon is for those who will enter in.

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