What a friend we have in Jesus.

Please don’t tell me that everything happens for a reason.
Cause if there was always a reason, then there would be more healin’.
If cancer was the plan – then why am I still reelin’?
This pain’s not going away – it’s not just here for a season.
They say you are a mighty God – so why did she stop breathin’?
I prayed and prayed and Prayed and PRAYED that you would give this some meanin’

But there she lay.
Tumor in the brain.
My tears pour like rain.
Calling out a name,
When she wasn’t moaning.
Calling out a name,
When she wasn’t groaning.
Calling out a name she didn’t know – and it wasn’t Jesus,
A friend for 75 years, and what good did that do her?

What a friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and grief to bear.

So I lay next to her.
I hold her hand next to her.
I stroke her hair next to her.
I read the Psalms next to her.
I pray to God next to her.
I stop and sing next to her:

What a friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear. What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer.

Please don’t tell me everything happens for a reason.
But this love we share – it will always have meaning.
This love we share – Eternity is its season.


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4 responses to “Poem

  1. I’ve found the worst to say is everything happens for a reason…I found this out first hand when my husband died. But the love will always have a meaning. Lovely poem I hope your pain will ease

  2. Mary Blackburn

    Your Mom, my friend was gone way to soon. We don’t know why. Grief takes time , I know from losing my husband. Take each day one at a time.

  3. Alexander Oberneder

    “Help I need Somebody”

    Please tell me that it’s Ok
    That god really made you that way
    I don’t understand why you crave
    all these drugs to make you behave
    they make you normal you say
    but why if God made you that way?
    You stole, you lied and you hurt us
    and you wonder why we make all this fuss.
    You say you wish you would die
    but even that is a lie
    because all you want is to get High.
    Now you are sitting in jail
    bemoaning the end of your tale.
    Help you I wish that we could
    Help you I know that we should
    but the help you need is not ours
    it has to come from higher powers.
    So as you ponder the shape you are in
    remember that you alone cannot win
    the help you need must come from above,
    the help that you need must come from Gods love.
    A.O 4/6 2017

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