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Prayer for Illumination

I’ve long said that the motto of the United Methodist Church is best read as a call to action.  It is not a descriptor so much as a call to action.  I take the word “open” to be a verb.  It is a call to action to do all that I can to open hearts, doors, and minds.  Including my own.

A prayer for illumination, to be read responsively in worship before the reading of the Scripture.

One: Open our hearts

All: That the Holy Spirit may move through the reading of the Word.

One: Open our minds.

All: That we may hear again the story of salvation.

One: Open our doors

All: That all may know the love and grace of Christ.

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Call to worship invoking the Trinity

One:  God is a creating God.

All:    Making all things new through the Father’s love and grace.

One:  God is a redeeming God.

All:    Healing our relationship through Jesus, the Son.

One:  God is a sustaining God.

All:    Empowering us for God’s work through the Holy Spirit.

One:  Holy One, Three in One, we open ourselves to you.

All: Holy One, Three in One, create us, redeem us, sustain us.  Now and forever, Amen.

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