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1,000th visitor!

So if this were a store, there would be baloons and confetti falling.  I just checked my “blog stats” and it told me that there have been 1,004 visits to read what the Fat Pastor has to say!  Pretty exciting stuff.  The busiest day on this site had about 70 views – the day after I emailed all my friends with the address.  The second busiest day had about 65, the day I posted the address on the d3hoops.com message boards. 

I am really having fun with this, and the positive response – especially the comments – mean a lot to me.  So, thanks for reading my site.  Sorry though, no prizes.

My next post will be coming soon.  It is going to be a response to a letter to the editor I read in the Pantagraph, Bloomington’s daily newspaper.  It was from some guy that apparantly takes great offense to anyone that says, “Happy Holidays.”  I really, really do not understand that.  So, feel free to leave any pre-post comments.

Happy holidays!

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