Bracket Recap

So, looking at my bracket, which is based on which team’s nickname would in a fight, a few things pop out at me. The No. 1 seeds did not fair well. Only one made it to the Sweet 16, and two of them – The Pitt Panthers and the Louisville Cardinals were knocked out in the first round. Considering no 16 seed has EVER won a game, I’m thinking this is quite the long-shot.

I had to revise something earlier. In the West region I hit a problem with Bear vs. Tiger. I had to go with Tiger. To be honest, I’m not sure why. Then in the regional final there would be Tiger vs. Tiger. In my post I mistakenly called the Mizzou Tiger the higher seed, but realize that the Memphis Tiger is a 2-seed. Then in a controversial call I went with the Tiger over the Boilermaker even though the Boilermaker had already defeated a Cougar and a Panther. No real explanation, just my gut – a tiger seems bigger and meaner than a cougar or panther.



North Carolina

West Virginia 


-West Virginia is the only real odd pick out of that bunch, and the Blue Devils, named for a World War I fighting unit, would pull out the victory.  


I have entered this bracket into the ESPN contest.  When Pitt and Louisville go down early, you might see me on Sportscenter as the new bracketologist.

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