That Ball’s Outta Here!

Harry Kalas died today.  Kalas was the voice of the Philadelphia Phillies and NFL Films for many years.  His voice has brought me to tears more times than I can count.  One the most memorable moments of my sporting life was watching the Phillies win the World Series last year, but it didn’t feel complete until I could hear Kalas call it.

Kalas’ voice was one of the most recognizable in sportscasting history.  He belongs near the top of the great generation of broadcasters that includes Vin Scully, Phil Rizzuto, Jack Buck, and Harry Caray.  I did not grow up listening to Kalas.  Growing up in Chicago made it difficult to get the Phildelphia radio station to listen to him, which made me cherish the times I could listen to him all the more.  I hope you enjoy this video, if for no other reason than to hear one of the greatest of all time practice the craft of sportscasting.

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