American Idol Final 3

I haven’t posted in about a month, and my first time back is about American Idol?  I know, its so superficial – but I don’t care.  I like this show.  I have watched almost every episode since the Underwood-Bice season.  This year, we have watched every episode with a careful and critical eye.

This is the first season I have really paid attention to how much the producers try to push their favorites.  I am sure it has gone on in the past, but the way they have pushed for Danny and Adam since the tryouts has been shameless.   It is so obvious that Adam is going to win it all, but here is my take on the final three:

  1. Adam Lambert:  He is the most seasoned performer.  He could be a star on broadway.  He would be great in some Andrew Lloyd Weber rock opera.  When he performed the Led Zeppelin song, he was great.  I have come to realize though, that he does a lot of screeching.  I hated the way he absolutely butchered “One.”  He changed the melody too much.  He screamed and screetched.  He changed a lyric.  It was awful.  But he will win.
  2. Kris Allen.  He is the most talented musician of the three, but he will probably be the least commercially successful.  He showed his versatility by playing both his piano and guitar on the show last night.  His second song was the best of the night.  What I like the most about him is that he has survived despite getting almost no pimping from the producers.  He was completely unknown and irrelevant at the beginning of the season.  He has emerged from his good-looks and talent.  He is my favorite.
  3. Danny Gokey.  The producers of the show pimped his story so ferociously that there was a little bit of backlash.  To me, he is smug and annoying and a decent singer.  He will make a lot of money and sell a LOT of albums as a Contemporary Christian atist.  If he doesn’t win the show, his first album will win many Dove awards.    

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