The Great Response

On the first day of seminary one of my professors said, “Seminary is not about telling you the answers.  Seminary is about helping you ask the right questions.”  There was a part of me sitting in that room thinking, “Who is this guy kidding?  All I have is questions.”  Yet that statement helped shaped the rest of my seminary experience, and continues to shape my ministry as a pastor.

I started this blog not because I thought I had all the answers.  I started this blog because I thought I’d be able to offer some questions, start some conversations, and encourage some thought.

Before “The Great Disconnect”, the most popular day on my site was when I commented on the wedding dance, and I had 89 hits.  On the two days after I made this post, I had 270 visits, only a few fewer than my previous busiest week.  Thanks to the help of people posting my link on their facebook pages, and 67 “followers” through Networked Blogs, my posts are reaching more people than ever before.

What’s even more exciting then the numbers is the response I’ve gotten, with the comments here and on my facebook page.  Several people have said things like Sarah May, who commented, “This is the best thing I have heard since this whole Health Care situation began.” 

While comments like that certainly stroke my ego, the ones that I cherish even more are the ones that said, “You made me think.”  As far as I’m concerned, that is the best thing I can do with this site.

If you are interested in more of what I have to say on this topic – espcially in response to some very thoughtful comments, please go back to the comments section of “The Great Disconnect,” and join in the conversation.  But beware, doing so might make you think.

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