I love you one

Today I after breakfast I rose from the table to go to church, and I looked at my wife and two year old daughter and said, “I love you two.”  My daughter said, “What about Basil? [our dog]”

So I replied, “You’re right, I love you three.”

My daughter smiled and said, “I love you one.”


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4 responses to “I love you one

  1. Sweat moment, Robb! Thank you for sharing it!

  2. nikki

    too cute! you guys are great.

  3. Jenny J

    Great story.
    I have really enjoyed watching your family evolve.

  4. Nancy

    Our kids are always smart! wonderful to have around, always make you smile, can’t love them enough.:)
    going to try your Bruschetta receipe/ sounds good, I like it very much and so does most of my family.

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