Daily Archives: December 4, 2009

Things that taste good

As I have been making a better effort to eat well, I have realized that there are three things in the entire world that taste good: fat, salt, and sugar.  It seems like everything that is worth eating has at least one of these things.  I’m starting to think that there is nothing healthy in a typical grocery store.  If something claims to be low fat, it will inevetably have a lot of salt or sugar.  For example, today I wanted to get some Bisquick, then noticed that there was a healthy version.  It claimed to have no fat and lower calories.  That was true, and it even had lower sodium than regular Bisquick.  I was just about to get it when I noticed that it had signifcantly more sugar than the other.  Its so frustrating.

Health tip of the day:  A guy at the gym gave me this tip, and I am starting to use it: Put spinach on everything.  He told me it is a natural steroid.  I’m not sure what he meant by that, but I know it is really healthy, it tastes pretty good, and goes great on almost every lunch sandwich I make (except for PB & J).


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