Three year old theologian

My daughter has a little Bible that she loves to “read.”  It is a little copy of New Testament and Psalms that is about four inches long.  She was sitting on my wifes lap the other day “reading” from her Bible, and said this:

“On the way to the cross, Jesus saw his disciples and said come with me to die and have peace.”

I thought that was pretty good.  Actually, I was pretty much blown away by what she said, but then she read from another passage.  I wrote it down as she was speaking, so this is what she said, word for word:

“Jesus went to the cross and died.  But he came back, and he was happy.  And they were all happy.  And the nails were gone and his tummy was fine.  And his body was awesome.  And he didn’t whine.  He was happy.”

This is where I am tempted to add my reflection, but I have a feeling that I couldn’t possibly be as poignant as her.


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3 responses to “Three year old theologian

  1. Lisa

    From the mouths of babes, she is such a joy, and doesn’t miss a thing does she. I think she hit the nail on the head with that one. Way to go!

  2. Michelle Wobbe

    We’ve been having deep theological conversations at home as well. Some of Maya’s best questions include “Who made God?” & “When we die does God send us back as a different person?” Geez…you would think 12 years of being around theologians would better prepare me for the questions of a four year old, but not so much!

  3. That should be a class at Eden – “Questions kids ask” It could actually be a pretty good book idea.

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