Partners in Hope

This is a video I put together with pictures I found on the internet plus my pictures and videos from my recent trip to Liberia.


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3 responses to “Partners in Hope

  1. Laura

    I LOVED the video, Robb! It was a blessing! Thank you for posting it. I “shared” it on my FB page so more people can see it & be blessed by it.

  2. Janice Flahiff

    Thank you all for what you did and are doing for the Ganta Mission, including the hospital.
    I was stationed in the town of Kpain 10 miles from Ganta from 1980-81 as a Peace Corps volunteer…and was successfully treated for kidney stones at the Ganta Hospital.
    Went back to Liberia in 2009 with a group (Friends of Liberia) and we did service projects at the Ganta mission…met up with one of my former students, James Labala, a Methodist Deacon at Ganta..he and his wife Anna are now pursuing PhD’s in theology in DC . I visited them both in DC earlier this year, they are doing very well.
    I was very impressed with the Eye Clinic at Ganta. They successfully treated my former boss (high school principal of Kpain) for an eye condition requiring surgery about a year ago.
    Again, my deep thanks for all the Methodists are doing in Liberia.

  3. Thanks for the comments Janice. Ganta was a remarkable place. While we were there they were in the process of putting together a dental clinic. If I remember correctly, there were only 6 dentists in the entire country. There was a dentist there that was training some people to do basic dental work for people. The hospital has improved a great deal over the last few years, but the new hospital is quite an undertaking. It is going to cost a couple more million dollars to finish it.

    Right now they are going through some difficult times. I just blogged about it here

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