Be Christ This Christmas

There are so many ways that we can be the body of Christ.  The holiday season is a difficult time for so many.  As a Christian, is there any better time to share the love of Jesus than on the day we remember his birth?  So let’s share ideas and be inspired by the ways that we can be Christ this Christmas.  If you are a twitter user, use #BeChristThisChristmas, because our actions speak louder than words.  What are you doing to be Christ this Christmas?

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This idea has been popular on FB, can we get #BeChristThisChristmas to trend on twitter?


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5 responses to “Be Christ This Christmas

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  3. Marge

    What a wonderful perspective on Christmas and what it REALLY means.

  4. You know, I’m not a religious guy, but I try to be a decent guy, and this helps to kick me in the ass. Thanks. Really. Please keep it up.

  5. Karla Seyb-Stockton

    Well, this is my start anyway…
    1. Concentrate on being a blessing to those around me, rather than a hindrance… one in a while I am successful… and so to confess/apologize when I am not.
    2. Use my resources to do more than buy gifts for those I love. This year it will be a donation to HelpHopeLive in gratitude for two who got transplants this year, and gifts/donations for the needy in our local faith-based social service organization. The last two years our donation was to feed the hungry: buying a cow for an impoverished family as a source of food and revenue.
    3. Started a daily Bible reading plan to keep me “connected to the true vine” this season.

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