Sermon: Excel in Love

Click here to listen to the sermon Excel in Love.

“If we claim as Christians that ‘God is love,’ as our Bible claims, then we have to believe that God is also justice.  We who are created in God’s image are build for relationship…  Loving relationships where God’s justice is shared and God’s blessing is available to all.”

“We are called to cast our crowns before God, not just our loose change.  Not just the clothes that don’t fit anymore or the can in the cupboard you forgot you had.  We are called to cast before God the best of who we are, the best of who we can be together.  This is the way that we can fulfill the promises of God that were made so long ago.  To excel in love, not just get by in love.  Excel in love.”

This sermon refers to this blog post The Fat Pastor Goes to Washington.

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2 responses to “Sermon: Excel in Love

  1. Edward Reeves

    Love is truly God’s greatest gift that we must give each other and everything else good will surely follow! One of the best Church sermons I have heard in a while! Thank God for such a beautiful message! I have really lived on reading and listening to sermons like this and the ones from Keion Henderson,!

  2. dondavies686

    A beautiful sermon on love indeed! Thanks for sharing it! I place it as one of the best ones I’ve read or listened to along with the ones by Keion Henderson, which by the way are really excellent sermons themselves!

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