Equality and Justice

Equality and Justice

I did not create this, but I think it is a great explanation of the difference between justice and equality. I think you could replace the captions with “Fair” and “Just” too.


January 24, 2014 · 10:38 am

4 responses to “Equality and Justice

  1. Bthomas

    So, to be practical about equality/justice, where do the boxes come from? Do they “work” to earn their box? If one is “privileged” to obtain an equality of outcomes, is that just to the one(s) who must necessarily experience a lesser outcome, in the name of justice and equality?

  2. Dorcie Lewis

    I agree! Do you know who created the image?

  3. GirlWithMightyPen

    My question for Bthomas is … do we know where the height comes from? One person is taller. One person is shorter. Is this genetics? Age? If you insist on knowing where the boxes come from, this implies that all people must be treated the same from the “box source”… yet clearly they are not “built” the same. The message of the cartoon is, “Help all people be able to see over the fence.” Bthomas’ message is, “Question people willing to help.” Hmmm …

  4. The heights are referring to the amount of income each class has. Treat it as if it was a bad graph. The smallest is the lower class, middle is obviously the middle class and the tall one is the upper class, instead of making every one equal, why not help the ones who are not privileged to be that height (money)? Justice helps the lower class because they are not as privledged, middle class gets a small boost and the upper class has no boost at all because they do not need one.

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