Saturday Snack: Schaumburgers

This is not a health food.  This is not the part of any balanced diet.  This is quick, simple, and cheap.  It could be good for a party around a certain American sporting event.  The author of this tasty little open-faced sandwich is my Mom’s best friend, Barb (you can read about her here).  Lacking a name for her concoction, our families looked to the name of our beloved hometown, Schaumburg, Illinois.  The Schaumburger was born, but if you happen to know someone from Schaumburg who isn’t a part of our family, don’t bother asking them what a “Schaumburger” is.  They’ll have no idea.


 Three pounds of ground meat.  Ground turkey would probably work, but we almost always used ground beef.  Tonight I mixed two pounds of ground beef and one pound of a friend’s ground deer.

One pound of Velveeta cheese.  This has to be the hardest stuff in the grocery store to find.  There are usually three places the store keeps cheese.  It’s in none of them.  That should be a clue.  I always take forever looking for this stuff, I should probably learn to find something else.

One can mushrooms.  I usually hate it when recipes use “can” as a unit.  The amount here is purely your taste.  Tonight I used a 13.25 oz. can

One 6 oz. can  of tomato paste.

English Muffins

Instructions: Brown the meat.  Season with salt, pepper, and garlic salt. Drain.  Turn down heat.  Cube the cheese, melt into the meat.  Add the tomato paste and mushrooms.   Once it’s all melted together, spread it on an english muffin and cook in a broiler.  Let the meat darken and the muffin will get crispy.

Just so you know, there will probably be leftovers.  It makes about 12-15 open-faced sandwiches.  When its cold, it kind of looks like dog food, but it heats up really easily.

Results: One daughter loved it.  The other, not so much.






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  1. joan mccoy

    i bet I can guess which daughter loved it and which one didn’t

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