Only those that failed to live

A poem I wrote on the occasion of a funeral of a friend.

“Celebration” by Robb McCoy

I celebrate the sunshine,

And the breaking of the dawn.

I celebrate this journey

That we have ventured on.


I knew the power of a laugh,

Always ready for a joke.

Through all my trials I could smile,

With Jesus as my yoke.


I never did it for the praise

Under Christ’s yoke I’ve bent

I’ve only hoped to hear God say,

“Well done good and faithful servant.”


All my joys were multiplied.

We danced until the end.

Now may your sorrows be divided

In the company of friends.


So when the choir sings the hymns,

With piano, organ, flute,

Remember all the seeds I’ve sown

And know that you’re the fruit.


And now when I lay down for sleep,

I know that there is be pain,

But promise me there will be no cries,

For a life that was spent in vain.


I celebrate the hearts I touched,

At peace I close my eye,

For only those that failed to live,

Should ever fear to die.

Facebook cover photo dimensions

Facebook cover photo dimensions

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