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I wonder if anyone in the coffee shop saw me bawling as I watched this

I’m a sucker for an video about people doing the right thing. This video is a two-minute anti-bullying ad. I came across it on my Facebook feed while doing some sermon prep at a local coffee shop. I don’t think anyone there noticed the tears rolling down my cheek as I watched, but I’m okay if they did. It was worth it.

The girls in the video are actors. Two are noticeably older – or at least more mature. They do a great job of being jerks. Really, they are scary – but not so over the top as to be unbelievable. I watched the video with bated breath, even though I knew they were actors, hoping that the adults within ear shot would do something. I hope that I would do the same thing as these adults. Kindness is a powerful tool. I wouldn’t be surprised if this video made its way into a sermon sometime.

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