E and Me Season 2


The E and Me Podcast has started season two. Ellie and I have recorded four episodes, and have released the first one. We have all of our recording equipment at home, so we’re hoping to have more episodes this season. Episode 2-1 is about jealousy, and it features our special guest and number one fan: Lucy, Ellie’s little sister.

This is the podcast to help families have important conversations. I hope you listen with someone you love. Don’t forget to search and subscribe on your favorite podcast player.

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One response to “E and Me Season 2

  1. Pat Dietrich

    I found a copy of your litany in the files at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Brenham, TX, and thank you (ahead of time!) for your permission to use it in worship this Sunday, May 10. I have modified it somewhat to include all nurturing professions: teachers, nurses and medical staff, and pastors, as well as mothers. I have included a copy here…

    Pastor Pat Dietrich

    All who gather for worship are sons or daughters.
    We praise God for the women who gave us life.
    For mothers, brave, strong, compassionate, full of wisdom and grace,
    We give God thanks and praise.
    For mothers, vulnerable, worried, frustrated, and hurried,
    We pray for peace.
    For relationships that are strained and no longer a source of joy,
    We pray for healing.
    For mothers who have died, that live no longer with us, but whose light shines on in our hearts and memories,
    We pray for those who mourn, and give God thanks for life eternal.
    For mothers who grieve because they have lost children, or who long for a child through the biological process or adoption,
    For those who are struggling to raise children and are tired,
    For those who are preparing for emptier nests,
    For stepmothers, and grandmothers who are raising children again,
    We celebrate and mourn with you, and we pray for wisdom and patience.

    For teachers who nurture, who serve as “parent” for 8 hours a day, who share knowledge, and wipe noses and dry tears, who encourage and joyfully guide their students in daily learning, and who now grieve that their classrooms are empty…
    We thank God for your patience and knowledge, and pray for you as you already prepare for a new school year.

    For nurses, CNAs, administrators, dieticians, laundry and house-keeping staff, physicians, dentists, and counselors…all who struggle to provide the best care possible for their patients, residents, clients, and families…
    We pray for your safety, for your clarity in providing care, for your strength and your compassion, and we thank God for you.

    For pastors, youth ministers, music ministers, administrative staff and church leaders…all who nurture congregations and witness their faith in word and deed…
    We thank God for all who have heard the call to serve, and who nurture all of the faithful.

    For all mothers, teachers, nurses and medical staff, for pastors, and all who nurture, for all who share their care and compassion, who cry with the heart of Christ; who fight and struggle, and sweat for the sake of others; for all who nurture—in their wide variety and many forms…
    We give God thanks and praise. Amen.

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