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Three Oh One

That was the final motivation of why I am doing this.  Three Oh One.  As in 301.  As in 301 pounds.  As in, I went to the doctor yesterday, stepped on the scale, and the nurse had to push the big weight on the bottom all the way to the right, then nudge the little one on top over a bit.  Three hundred one pounds.  I’ve been pudgy my whole life except for about six months when I was 12 and grew about five inches.  My playing weight in high school was 235.  In college I was about 250.  But back then I was strong, not Swedish power-lifter strong, but pick up and carry a big TV or small fridge with no problem strong. 

Now though, I get winded when I climb my stairs, and my back gets sore after minimal strain.  Granted, I’m 31 years old, but that’s hardly old.  If I were an NBA player or an NFL quarterback I’d still be considered in my prime.

So yesterday I got up on the scale, with my belly making my pants to tight, and my neck making it impossible to button my shirt to put on a tie, and it screams at me THREE OH ONE.  I need to do something.  And this blog is going to be a part of it.  I feel as if keeping track of what I’m doing here gives me some added accountability.  I have no idea how many people are going to read this, but even if it is only Sarah (my wonderful and beautiful wife who loves me even though I look like I’m due in December), I know that keeping track of things here will give me added incentive. 

I’ve come up with a three step plan to become “Healthy Pastor.” 

  1. Stop eating bowls of cereal at 10 p.m. 
  2. Go to the gym everyday at 8 a.m. and work out.
  3. Keep track of it all here.

To that end, yesterday I worked out for the first time in years.  I walked/jogged .2 miles, and my heart rate was at 130 in a moment and my ankles screamed with pain.  I jumped rope in four sets of 50 and after each set I thought I was going to die.  I bench pressed 135 pounds (an amount I used to be able to do almost indefinately) in three sets: 10, 8, 6.  I also curled 25 pounds in three sets: 10, 10, 5.  I did tricep extensions of 70 pounds: 10, 10, 10.  And I did Lat pulls, 100 pounds: 10, 10, 8.  Only three years ago this workout would have been no trouble.  Yesterday I could barely lift my arms.

Today I went back to the gym and I walked/jogged .25 miles, did a a few sets of jumping rope, including one set of 100.  Then I leg pressed 200: 10, 10, 10.  Leg extensions of 100, 110, 110: 10, 10, 15.  Leg curls 60, 70, 80: 10, 10, 15. 

At the end of my workout I weighed 298.


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It’s two B’s

I have been thinking about starting a blog for quite awhile.  I have been putting it off for a few reasons.  For one, the whole idea of blogging seems a little self-absorbed.  Second, giving myself more to do isn’t a real attractive option either.

Yet here I am, tapping at my computer and carving out my own little space on the web.  It’s late, so I am not going to have a real long entry.  This blog is going to be about a few things.  From the title you can tell a couple of things:

  1. I am overweight, so hopefully this blog will detail my adventures in changing into “Healthy Pastor (that will live to see his daughter have a daughter);”
  2. I am a pastor, so this blog will also be about God, the Church, and other matters of theology. 

I have other interests, and I’m sure other things will come up.  I’ll share book and movie reviews, and a few other thoughts on topics that come to me.  I might steal an idea from a friend of mine and offer some top five lists every now and then.

I’m actually looking foward to this.  It might be more work for me, and it probably is a little self-indulgent, but that’s okay.  I realized today that I’m going to do this as much for me as anyone else (I’ll explain that more later).  If other people read what I have to say, that would be fun too.


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