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Whoops, wrong way.

So I was all gung-ho about exercising and getting more healthy.  I am not trying to focus on losing weight, but that would be a nice.  I’d also like to lost an inch or two from the waist, so I could wear all those pants in my closet again.

Things have not gone real well thus far.  On my third day of working out I was jumping rope when I stopped I had a huge head-rush.  It was awful.  My head felt like it popped.  I was dizzy and I thought I was going to throw up.  I considered calling 911 because I thought I had a stroke.  But I drank a bunch of water, put my head down and was able to get back at it, and actually felt pretty good.

Then I went on vacation for a week.  When I returned to the gym a couple of days ago I got back on the scale. You can foget about 301.  Try 305! 

Since my original rant I have now worked out four times, but this will be my first full week.  Those were just warm-ups.  And I can feel a little difference.  When I bench pressed the other day I did three full sets of 135 pounds for the first time, so I am making progress.  My brother-in-law got me a muscle magazine for some extra inspiration. 

No excuses this week.  Up at 8 every morning (but Tuesday).  Work our for an hour, back home to start my day by 10.  I can do this, right?

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