Worn out

So far, the exercise regiment has been going well:

Week of Oct. 12: Returned from vacation.  Went to gym on Thu. and Fri. Goal Reached: I went back to the gym.  I was afraid that my fervor would pass after the week off, but I kept going.

Week of Oct. 19: Went to the gym four times: Mon., Wed., Thur., Fri.  Goal Reached: On Friday I bench pressed 225 pounds for the firs time in three years.

Week of Oct. 26: Went to the gym three times: Wed., Thu., Fri. Two Goals Reached: 1) I moved up to fifteen minutes of cardio on the eliptical.  Next goal is 20 minutes.  2) I carried my daughter upstairs to bed, and did not have to wait to catch my breath before telling her, “goodnight.”

Week of Nov. 2: Was in Schaumburg visiting family.  Went to gym once (so far): Wed.

Things have been going well.  I am certainly getting stronger.  I do not know how my weight is doing, but that is not really why I am doing this.  I usually workout for 45 minutes, and my goal has been to keep my heartrate elevated the entire time.  Things are gradually getting easier.  For instance, my near-stroke inducing 100 reps on the jump rope can now be done with relative ease.  And 20 sit-ups on the incline bench made me want to vomit.  Now I can do two sets of 25.

Here’s my problem though: I feel like my body muscles are getting stronger faster than my heart is.  I am getting worn out so fast.  After doing a set of sit-ups or bench press, my muscles feel like they can do more, but I just don’t have the energy.  If I was a car, I feel like my engine just isn’t getting enough fuel.  I am hoping this improves soon.

I am also waiting anxiously for the exercise to start giving me more energy.   I hear people talk about the fact that when they exercise in the morning they feel better all day.  I haven’t gotten to that point.  After I work out in the morning, all I want to do is go to sleep, and I am wasted the rest of the day.  There was a time when I stopped exercising at night because it made it difficult for me to go to sleep, but I think tonight I am going to try it.

Next Goals:

  1. Cardio: Do the eliptical for 20 minutes.  Next: Run on treadmill for one mile.
  2. Bench press: Complete a pyramid that ends at 225. Long-Term: Bench press 285 pounds (my previous best when I was 18 years old).
  3. Jump Rope: 150 continuous reps.
  4. Sit ups: Sets of 50.

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