Please Remember

The picture on the left was circulating in my Facebook world today.  When I saw it, I shared it immediately.  These five reminders are just so beautifully simple.  I would like to go to Metropolis, take a picture next to the Superman sign, and check out a little league game.  I wonder if it effective.

The sign is posted at baseball fields and reads, Please Remember: 1. These are kids, 2. This is a game, 3. The coaches volunteer, 4. The Umpires are human, 5. You do not play for the Cardinals.

My daughter isn’t quite old enough to start playing, and I’m hoping she’s still a few years away from people taking it too seriously.  I haven’t been to a lot of youth baseball games lately, but I’ve heard horror stories of adults behaving very poorly.

The sign got me thinking, what if I could use these same rules at church?  What would they look like?  It seemed like the sign on the left hit a nerve with a lot of people that participate in youth sports.  I wonder if my sign will do the same with people that worship on a regular basis.

What the following was posted in your church, Please Remember: 1. We were all created in the image of God, 2. This is worship, 3. Visiting church is an act of courage, 4. Pastors are human, 5. You are not Jesus.

I love the Church.  It can be a place of love, forgiveness, and hospitality.  All too often it is not.  What if this sign hung in our churches?  Would it resonate?  Would it make a difference?

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7 responses to “Please Remember

  1. Sharon

    Where do I order my sign?!? Love this, Robb.

  2. Constance

    My favorite is “This is Worship”. I have had more than one Sunday where I am flying like crazy to be on time, look appropriate and am in short mood on the way to church-it can be hard to drop all that when I walk in the door. It’s a good reminder!

  3. bolthead0070

    FP, this would definitely help with the congregants, but I don’t know if it helps much with out of control pastors who preach hate and murder, as recently seen in North Carolina. As much as I agree that they are quite explicitly ‘human’, they are also not someone should EVER be following to know Christ’s love.

  4. Bolthead, I certainly agree. There are plenty of pastors that really need to not be followed.

  5. Thanks Sharon, and thanks for reading. Maybe I’ll open “The FP Store” someday.

  6. joan

    I know a church that needs this sign I wish I had the courage to tell them so

  7. Jim

    Amen ! I love the analogy.

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