Sweat is fat crying

If this is true, then my fat is in a deep depression.  Since February 15, I’ve lost about 40 pounds.  In a week, I’ll be running in a 5K.  In February, when I weighed 329 at the doctor’s office, I set the following goals to reach in June: weigh under 300, bench press over 300 and run a 5K in less than 40 minutes.  As of today, I weigh 288.  I stopped gaining as much strength when I started to really take off weight, so I don’t think I’ll get to bench 300.  I’ve changed the way I eat.  I’ve changed the way I workout.  I’ve changed my life, and it feels good.




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7 responses to “Sweat is fat crying

  1. Jim


  2. Thanks for reading, and thanks for your support.

  3. Deanna

    Robbie, my favorite saying right now is: I wear black when I work out…because it’s like a funeral for my fat. 😉 Keep up the good work!

  4. That’s a good one too. Thanks D!

  5. dennis

    good job, rob! say hi to the family………Papa mack

  6. Congratulations on your success and your perseverance!!

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