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Feel angry, then do something

For all those that are angered, sickened, saddened, devastated, or outraged by Freeh Report, I want to say this: Good.  Feel that.  Feel anger.  Feel sick.  Feel sad, and outraged.  Feel it all.  Shed a tear.  Punch your desk.  Do whatever you need to do to feel what you need to feel.  Then, once the emotion can settle, do something.  Do something for children.  Do something for victims.  Speak about abuse.  Talk to your children about their self-worth, and teach them to not allow anyone to violate them. Write letters to lawmakers.  Donate to local shelters.  Take all that energy that you are feeling right now and use it.

Jerry Sandusky is in jail, but there are thousands of others like him in the world.  Don’t believe the lies that predators want you to believe.  Don’t believe that it can’t happen to you.  Don’t believe that it can’t happen to your kid.  Don’t believe that no one would cover up something like that.  The Freeh Report needs to shock us into reality.  It needs to shock us out of hiding and into the light.  Sexual abuse and domestic violence cannot be a secret anymore.  So go ahead and get mad.  Call talk shows, talk to your friends, tweet, and update your status, but do not let it end there.  Educate yourself and others.  Advocate for those with no voice.  Serve in places that need caring and loving people.

We need to learn some lessons from Penn State, Joe Paterno, Graham Spanier, Gary Schultz, and Tim Curley.  The Penn State Four covered up for a grown man that was raping children.  When those children needed someone to stand up and shout, “Stop!” silence was their answer.

If you are outraged, listen to that outrage.  Do not let silence be your answer.


1-800-4-A-CHILD or 1-800-422-4453

Faith in Action

P.S. I wrote this blog, entitled Paterno’s Legacy (not his eternity) in January.  At that time, a few people made comments saying that I wasn’t being fair.  I wonder what they’re thinking now.

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