A prayer for the scariest room in the school

Students and teachers are preparing to go back to school.  For many students, the cafeteria is a terrifying place.  I created this prayer for those that will be searching for seats in the coming weeks.  Share this, especially with young people you know.  If they are anxious, let them know that people are praying for them.  If they are not, then remind them of how it feels to not know where to sit.  Hopefully they can show kindness in the coming weeks to someone that needs it.

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Cafeteria Prayer


If you would like to use it in worship, feel free (though I would appreciate an attribution somewhere in the bulletin).



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5 responses to “A prayer for the scariest room in the school

  1. Michelle J

    When I saw “scariest room in school” I immediately thought of the cafeteria because there is nothing worse to a kid than being alone in the crowded room. Observers can learn so much about the social hierarchy of a school just by observing the cafe. I pray that no child is shunned and left alone this fall as school starts.

  2. DeeDee Belmares

    Absolutely beautiful.

  3. Dad

    So right Robb, and as former chaperone there I saw it every day. And…you didn’t even mention that the cafeteria is where a high percentage of the fights break out.

  4. So Beautiful, indeed. Thanks for posting.

  5. Patty

    Thanks for this prayer – it breaks my heart because it’s so real

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