Calvin, the Dad

Calvin, the Dad

I’ve always loved Calvin and Hobbes. When I came across this today, I teared up immediately.  At my Mom and Dad’s house, we kept a lot of the toys that my sister, brother, and I played with as kids.  Now my daughters, nieces, and nephews love them.   I do not know who created this meme, but I found it at

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August 21, 2013 · 1:27 pm

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  1. Dad

    The three of you always took good care of your toys and playthings. That’s why the grand-kids are still able to enjoy so many of them. From the “little people” castle and airport to the “Basket” basketball game, to ‘Shutes and ladders’ and ‘Candyland’. Most of the money is till in ‘Monopoly’ and a good amount of Lincoln Logs and Tinker Toys are still available. The neat thing is that they’re not all made of plastic.

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