“Breaking the Silence in Church” downloadable brochures

I have created three brochures. They are free to download and print. While they have United Methodist imagery and information, I believe that they could be useful in any congregation. I have placed copies of these brochures in our bathroom – a place where someone could take one inconspicuously, and in our regular information display.

The brochures are pdf files and ready to print. They come in a bundle. Just click on the link below.

Breaking the Silence brochures (three brochures, six total pages)


Breaking the Silence Sermon Series

Mental Health: Silent No More

Suicide: Nothing Separates

Domestic Violence: Call Police, Not Pastor


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2 responses to ““Breaking the Silence in Church” downloadable brochures

  1. Lois

    Thank you for these brochures! I work in a public library and we often have patrons (and sometimes staff) who deal with these issues. I printed them out and plan to give one to a friend who has had to deal with several suicides in her family, and one to a library user who is always requesting domestic violence help.

  2. Iana Thomas

    Kudos, to you, for talking about Domestic Violence!!! One thing I must disagree with you on, though, is that husbands, are, in fact the spiritual leaders of their homes. God is about order and he said that the husband is the head. It does not mean that the husband is perfect, and never has weak moments. That is not leadership. Leaders, also know when to accept help (i.e..wives are the help to the husband). If you believe God called you to lead a church, but not your family, I encourage you to please reconsider that thought. Again, being the spiritual leader, as a husband, does not mean that the man is greater than the husband, but I bet you this. When that man stands before the Lord, he will have to give an account for how he led his family, just as the wife will give an account for how she helped her husband. Otherwise, I really enjoyed the message and again, thank you for standing up and speaking out against domestic violence.

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