Mental Illness: Silent No More

This is my sermon from January 17, 2016 at Two Rivers United Methodist Church in Rock Island, Illinois. The Church needs to do more to help fight stigma attached to mental illness. I want to thank Sarah Griffith Lund for helping me come to a deeper understanding of this issue.

Breaking the Silence Series

Mental Health: Silent No More

Suicide: Nothing Separates

Domestic Violence: Call Police, Not Pastor

Listen to our conversation with Sarah Griffith Lund, the author of Blessed are the Crazy, in this Pulpit Fiction episode.


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5 responses to “Mental Illness: Silent No More

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  4. Do you have the texts for these sermons? I’d like to read through them, I could possibly get some ideas from them and could edit them and personalize them to use in a future teaching sesries.

  5. Unfortunately, I do not create manuscripts. There is really nothing written down that accompanies these sermons.

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