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Unbinding the Gospel, by Martha Grace Reese

Unbinding the Gospel, by Martha Grace Reese

Dear readers,

I’m looking for a few good books.  Right now I am reading, and being challenged by, Unbinding the Gospel.  It has been a remarkable read.  I find myself reading paragraphs and chapters over and over again.  One of the main ideas of the book is to form an Evangelism Team.  The E-Team is to be a small, hand-selected, and prayerfully considered group of people.

I have been praying for this team almost constantly.  I believe that God is pushing me to ask four-five people for this team.  I would love to have six.  Once the team is formed, I want to give them each a different book about evangelism.  I have a few ideas, but I want to know if there are books that have inspired or challenged or intrigued you about sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

I believe that a powerful E-Team can revolutionize a community.  So please, pray for my church.  Pray for the E-Team, and suggest any books, authors, speakers, that you think are powerful. 




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2 responses to “Evangelism Books

  1. wellwateredgarden

    Forget books, authors, speakers. Never in the history of Christendom have there been so many authors, preachers, speakers, singers and musicians, etc., and the church is in decline!

    Have you heard of the Bible? Read the book of Acts and that will instruct you how to go about evangelism. Consider Acts 8 for starters. Go directly to God and ask Him what your calling is and then wait, WAIT! until He tells you and that will bring success.

    Oh, incidentally, it seems God seldom works with committees. He works best with individuals who are committed to the task.

    May the Lord bless you and keep you …

  2. wellwateredgarden

    Never in our history have there been more and better authors, preachers, singers, musicians, etc., than now and still the Christian church is in decline.

    When one considers the past it is individuals who make the difference. Think of the prophets of old!

    Committees seldom accomplish anything except perhaps to hold planning meetings.

    If you sense that you want to evangelize your community then just do it. Don’t wait for others to join or follow you because they wont and they’ll probably just hold you back.

    Read chapter 8 of Acts (of the Christian Scriptures) and get the format from there. Commit your desire to the Lord and He will open doors and ways and bless your work. Guaranteed!

    Be careful to not keep score, though, leave all that up to God. Just determine to be a blessing to all you encounter (seven times seventy) and you will be so busy you’ll wonder what happened.

    And you will make a difference to those around you beyond your wildest dreams.

    God bless you and bring you success.

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