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Top 5 questions for #6qumc

One mission

Three simple rules

Four areas of focus

Five practices.  And now… Six questions.

An intriguing new social-network based campaign by the United Methodist Church is 6 Questions.  I am not sure exactly what this is going to look like in the long-run, but this looks like a strong effort at reaching people through social networking groups such as facebook and twitter.  If you go to the link above, you will be able to watch a 40 second intro to the idea.  Then you have to register to get into the meat of the “6 Questions.”

What you will find is actually about 500 questions – all user submitted.  They are divided into many different categories.  At this point, there are no answers.  You can submit your own question, or go through the questions that are there and vote whether or not you like them.

I think the idea is that these questions will be whittled down to six at some point.  I don’t know what will happen once the six questions are asked, but if this can get people to start thinking about the place and role of the United Methodist Church, then it could be a very good thing.

So, for my new Top Five list, I submit to you, my six questions.  If you want to vote on my questions, I included the group you can find them in parenthesis:

  1. Is the candidacy process about discernment and development, or is it about gatekeepers setting up hurdles to clear? (Board of Ordained Minstry)
  2. Do guaranteed appointments help or hinder the mission of the UMC? (Developing principled Christian leaders)
  3. Why do men make up a majority of our pastoral leadership, but a minority of our active lay people? (United Methodist Men)
  4. How do the annual conference budgets allign with our four areas of focus, especially in regards to how we support campus ministry? (2010 Annual conference)
  5. How do clergy protect themselves from violating boundaries while maintaining friendships? (Pastor of a local church)
  6. How can a church foster economic diversity to gather in worship? (Engaging in ministry with the poor)


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