I try not to talk about sports too much in my sermons.  While I believe that the world of sports is rich with metaphors that can be applied to life in general and theology in particular, I know that the overuse of sports metaphors can alienate a significant portion of any congregation.  Here however, I was up front about the fact that I am going to write about sports.

As I type, I am watching the Phillies play the Dodgers in Game 1 of the NLCS.  The Phillies are down 0-1, and my emotions are going up and down with every pitch.  I have said many times that I am going to die watching a game because at some point my heart just won’t be able to take it. 

I planned on waxing poetic about the beauty of baseball and the pure joy and exhiliration of watching my favorite team in October.  The problem is, I find myself much too distracted.  I pour myself into these games so completely, it is difficult to concentrate on anything else.  So I am going to have to cut this blog short, because the Dodgers have a man on and Manny is up to bat and I just can’t take the suspense.

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