You know how sometimes you take a vacation, and when you get back you think, “Man, I need a vacation.”  My family and I just took a vacation and finally had the exact opposite reaction.  After coming home, we felt good – really good.  We actually feel refreshed.  It was such an amazing trip, and I think the only reason was that we didn’t feel like we were “going on vacation.”  Instead, we were just visiting friends.  The difference is that we didn’t feel like we had a list of things to do and see before we went home. 

Most of the time vacations seem like extended scavenger hunts.  You have a list of things you need to accomplish, and a limited time to do them.  To some, that is the fun part of traveling – to go and see as much of a place as possible.  We went to Massachusetts, so it would have been easy to have our big checklist of things to do, Basketball Hall of Fame, Freedom walk in Boston, Drive to see the foliage, day-trip to New York City, Applepicking.  Then we would have spent the week making sure to get everything in, stressing over when to go to bed and when to wake up, packing bags for the baby, and checking the weather and traffic patterns.

Instead, our list looked something like this: Go to Basketball Hall of Fame (it was really cool, but I think I enjoyed it more than my wife and daughter), hang out with our best friends, drink some Sam Addams, play some Wii Mario Kart, go to worship at my best friend’s church, have a lobster roll and clam chowder.  You see, we didn’t go to Massachusetts to see Massachusetts.  We went to spend time with our friends, whom we love more than we could ever tell them, and whom we miss everyday.

So now we’re back.  My quest to get under three-bills took a hit.  I have a ton of stuff to do.  I had 15 messages on the machine, 50 emails and a stack of mail two feet high.  I have a half week to get ready for church on Sunday, charge conference looming, a stewardship campaign getting started and Sunday school sputtering.  But I feel good.  And that’s what vacation is really all about.


<<Totally off-topic question for all you grammar nuts out there.  In the first sentence of this post, where should I put the question mark?  (I think that is the first time I have ever finished a sentence with two question marks).  Because the quote is not a question, but the entire sentence is.  If the ? goes inside the quotes it looks like I am asking “Man, I need a vacation?”  But if I put it outside the quotes, then that just looks weird.>>


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2 responses to “Vacation

  1. Anthony

    I’ve had both types of vacation and really appreciate returning home feeling rested.

    Your grammatical query also has come up for me. I would put a question mark after the closing quotation marks. However, based upon what I have read, it is improper to place a period before the closing quotation marks.

  2. absurdemest

    That’s actually more of a style question than a grmmar one, and you’ll find people telling you both are right. Personally, I would put the ? outside the “”, because that seems to fit the meaning of your sentence, and the purpose of grammar/style is to facilitate communication. But some might condemn me to hell for that opinion. Just sayin’.

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