Rape prevention check list

I am the father of two daughters.  They are young now, but I hope that someday soon they will go to college.  At college, there are often safety tips.  I remember hearing them when I was a college student.  There will be warnings of the dangers of alcohol abuse.  There will be warnings about walking alone on campus, about finding yourself alone in someone else’s room, and even about how to dress.  The vast majority of these warnings will be directed toward girls, warning them of the ways that they can prevent themselves from being raped.

There are various statistics about the prevalence of rape on college campuses.  A quick google search put the number of women that are victims of rape or attempted rape at anywhere between 1 in 50 and 1 in 4.  The truth likely lies somewhere in between.  “Rape Culture” on college campuses seems to be growing, as evidenced by the recent debate that Daniel Tosh sparked when making “rape jokes.”  Much of the problem has lied with college administrations that are unwilling to punish, or sometimes even investigate, men accused of rape.  Notre Dame’s football program was one such case that gained noteriety, but activists across the country have been raising their voices.\

So I decided I would chip in.  I came up with this list of “Rape Prevention Tips For College.”  I think this is almost 100% fool-proof.

1. Don’t rape anyone.

2. If you go out on a date with someone, don’t rape her.

3. If there is a girl at a party, and she is dressed very sexy, don’t rape her.

4. If you are with a girl that has had way too much to drink, don’t rape her.

5. If you see a girl, and she is passed out; walk by her, or help her get home, or find her friends.  Don’t rape her.

6. If, at any time, you are unsure if what you are doing is rape, then stop doing that, immediately.

Maybe it is time that we start teaching men at college that raping someone isn’t okay.  Every girl that gets drunk is not looking for sex.  Every girl that wears a mini skirt isn’t waiting for you to get into it.  Should women avoid dangerous situations? Sure.  I will teach my daughters to be smart.  I will likely get them to a Girls Fight Back seminar someday, where they will learn to defend themselves.  I will teach my daughters to protect themselves.

As a father of two girls, I will do my part.  I will do my best to teach my girls to respect themselves.  But its not all on me, or on them.  You fathers of boys need to step up too.  Teach them, in no uncertain terms, that it is not okay to rape.  You teach them not to lie.  You teach them not to cheat.  You teach them lots of things.  You may be squeamish about it.  It might be an uncomfortable topic, so I provided you with this list to help.  Learn it.  Live it.

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13 responses to “Rape prevention check list

  1. jabez7540

    Rape is a serious problem. The stats are not good.

  2. Michelle J

    And I add the comment to my son, if a guy said that to, did that to or treated your sister that way would you want to hit him? If so, don’t say that, do that etc. Treat every girl the way you want your little sister treated.

  3. Wow, a Christian and a feminist, just what the world needs more of.

  4. You were the 1000th comment on The Fat Pastor blog! I wish I could give you a prize. Thanks for reading, and for commenting. And yes, I feel that to follow Jesus Christ, it is impossible to not be a feminist as well. I believe that “feminism is the radical notion that women are people” (Rebecca West)

  5. cave horse

    No Christian can in good conscience support feminism.

  6. The teaching of men about rape should begin long before college. Just like you will teach your girls at a young age to protect themselves, I will teach my son how to respect all women.

  7. Chris D

    You lost me at #2. rape goes both ways.

    I know it’s onften asserted that over 90% of rape victims are female and / or 90# of rapists are male. It wasn’t until 2012 that FBI even admitted that men could be raped at all. Additionally, the CDC surveys on rape were built upon definitions of rape as a thing that only women could experience.


    When you expand the definition of rapist to include people who manipulate the genitals of a (man or woman) without their consent, then the ratio is much closer to 50/50.

  8. d

    Preventive measures are taken at a very early age.
    Girls are rarely un-escorted even in our day
    Parents tell little girls not to walk alone.
    Take a friend
    Keep your cell phone on.
    We carry mace just in case.
    Today, we teach in our schools, “How to escape from a locked trunk and what to do when someone tries to grab a child from a bike.
    We teach boys and girls.
    Girls may be the majority of persons raped and abducted but males are now becoming victims too.
    Rape happens everywhere.
    Schools, churches, homes, places of work and in the streets and children are prime candidates in places where they congregate.

    Type in “Rape at……..church, shcool etc and you will be surprised at the number of rapes that happen in the church and school.


  9. d

    And keep in mind it is not an easy to overpower a big strong man.
    Young male children and teens are easier targets.

  10. d

    Missing and Exploited Children

    Click to access NC171.pdf

    Federal Sex registry

    Check your state registry often.
    It is estimated no less than 54% of offenses go UNreported.

    “There is an average of 207,754 victims (age 12 or older) of rape and sexual assault each year.” (Those are the reported numbers).

    Rape Abuse & Incest Network.


  11. Nunya Buisness

    Here are some tips for not giving Christianity a bad name.

    1. Recognize that most men are not rapists, and don’t need this list of tips that you generated. Every man in the western world has been taught, since before I was born, that Rape is not okay. We wouldn’t be “starting”, and to insinuate otherwise is both ignorant, and offensive. Rapists are rare, broken individuals, who would not be helped by this list.

    2. Recognize that those who put their lives on the line to protect women from violence are predominantly men, and as a result, villifying men is not going to even put a dent in the horrible problem of rape.

    3. Recognize that men are sexually abused at numbers approximately 1/5 to 1/2 the number of sexual assaults, depending on the study in the general population, and that once prison populations are factored in, men are raped more than women.

    4. Stop spreading secular-progressive lies and mistruths, and instead focus on the truth found in the holy scriptures.

  12. SIM

    Of course guys shouldn’t attempt to rape, as well as commit Fornication, adultery,(usually overlooked huh) with anyone ;however It isn’t just about telling the guys not to rape girls, females must as a matter of urgency drop their virtual-nudity sense of dressing and start being decent in appearance . This will go a long way to address this menace for, as it is, most men have their heads stimulated by lust on seeing a woman dressed half-naked!

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