Jill and Kevin’s Wedding Entrance

This is the lastest viral video to hit it big on the internet, and it is the first which to me has some theological implications.

I have been thinking a lot about this clip. As a pastor, I find myself wondering what I would do if a couple approached me with this idea. As of right now, I have two weddings on my calendar. It’s unlikely that either of these weddings will feature a dance-line processional, but given the popularity of this video, I can’t help but feel that in the course of my career, it’s going to come up.

Let me begin by saying that my reaction has absolutely nothing to do with this couple in particular. I have to admit I was moved by this video. The spirit of joy and celebration was evident – and not just in the dance moves. It was clear that this wedding was a celebration. Surely weddings are celebrations. The problem I consider is this: what are we celebrating?

It is not difficult to convince most couples that a wedding is about celebrating. The problem is that the celebration usually focuses on the bride and groom and the love they share. Yes, a wedding is about celebrating the love between two people, but it needs to be more. Too many weddings are little more than a narcistic celebration of wealth, materialism, and a romanticized, commercialized version of “love” that has little to do with Biblical love, faith, devotion, or self-sacrifice.

Seriously, ask a pastor you know if they would rather do a funeral or a wedding. I’m guessing the answer would surprise you.

The reason is because at most weddings God is an afterthought. The sanctuary is not so much a sacred space for worship as it is a pretty room with colorful windows and a good sound system. The congregation is actually carefully selected and invited guests. The pastor is usually chosen because they kind of “go with the church.” And of course, the ceremony is a not a time to encounter the divine and to worship God; it is just a troublesome ritual that has to be done before we get to the good part.

If a couple came to me and wanted to begin their wedding like this, I am not sure how I would react. It would probably depend on the couple. I can imagine a couple that really wanted to express their joy through dance. Dance has always been a part of worship, and I would be in favor of an entrance such as this if it were a part of a larger ceremony that celebrated God’s presence in their lives.

I can also imagine a couple that would use this as little more than another way to show everyone how great they are. If a couple, “saw it on youtube, and thought it would be fun,” I don’t think I’d be real supportive. Given the general self-centered, God-ignoring state of our culture, it would be difficult for me to not presume that most couples wanting to do a dance like this would be in this category.

Yes, this appears to be a wonderful celebration. I just have to ask, who is being celebrated?


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8 responses to “Jill and Kevin’s Wedding Entrance

  1. Rev. Scott Elliott

    I guess I have a different perspective, perhaps even a different theology. I believe like many Christians that “God is love,” but for me the logical extension of that belief is that all love is God. That WAY I understand all weddings to be permeated by God even if the word God is never mentioned and the couple are both atheists. Since the gathered clearly believe in love I see them as believing in God whether they admit it or not. God by any other name is still God. In other words from my perspective God’s soaking the start of the wedding with deep love expressed in the joy of the exuberant entrance.

  2. Nina Fistler

    Actually Robb, we were going to ask you and everyone in the wedding party to do the worm down the aisle and do some rocking hip thrusts to our favorite rap song. I was planning on doing some assissted lifts with my dad on our way down the aisle too…however, he is getting a little older and he injured his shoulder during practice. Also, we lost our nerve at the last second and decided to actually give the service the reverence and devotion to God that it deserved. Are you sad we didn’t go with the worm? I know in retrospect, I am.

  3. Grant

    I wonder if narcissistic self-love is also God. I mean, it’s A god. It might just not be THE God.
    I also have mixed feelings about the dance entrance. I think there should be more joyful exuberance in worship – and they really put themselves on the line to do this. I know the concern you’re talking about, though, Robb. In an act of Christian worship where the standard of selfless-sacrifice for the sake of the other is professed through vow and token, I’m not sure the “look-at-how-great-we-are-shuffle” really exemplifies this. Not knowing the people, or their hearts, I can’t say if that’s an accurate reflection of what went on here.
    Still, as a laugh, it was pretty sweet.

  4. Kelly B.

    Why is this an issue? Their minister clearly said yes to this dance. If you don’t want it in your church, say no. If your daughter or son choose to celebrate this way, say no or don’t attend. Jill and Kevin are two adults who chose to celebrate the start of their wedding in a non-traditional manner. Bravo. We have thousands of marriages who celebrate their weddings in a very reverent and traditional manner and end up divorced. Perhaps a sense of humor and a celebration of love are what’s most needed at the beginning of a marriage. Lord knows you need both to weather the difficult times.

    P.S. I think God smiled and gave His blessing.

  5. Grant

    Is it so difficult to see why a viral video about a worship service in which people get married (the original posting to date has netted 14,956,740 views) would be up for discussion?
    They put the thing on the interweb for heaven’s sake. You think they did that so people wouldn’t talk about it? Frankly, I don’t think they care if we dissect their wed-lock-n-drop-its. I sure don’t know why other folks would get upset at the use of their disco shtick as a case study.
    Robb, I appreciate that you think about what your response would be before such a request would be made of you, and I appreciate that you’ve invited other people into your process of discernment.

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  7. Yvonne Parks

    No one has mentioned the fact that weddings, and the marriage relationship is a mirror of something beyond the natural.

    This, to me, is an amazing picture of another wedding to come….a Groom that will celebrate as He finally receives His Bride….something that will have been an Eternity in the making.

    If you think that Christ WON’T dance down towards his Bride….well…I’d say you don’t know His love.

    Oh yes…there will be a wedding…and there will be dancing!! 🙂

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