Back again

So I took off two weeks, but now I’ve been to the gym twice in three days. Today wasn’t a long workout – I only had a half hour, but it was productive. I’m having a bit of trouble on the treadmill. I can still only jog about a 1/4 mile at a time without my ankls throbbing. I got off the treadmill and tried to do some stretching, but they ached so much I could barely walk. I forced myself to walk another 1/4 mile, and tried to jog for a stretch, but it didn’t work. Any ideas about what is going on?

Weigh-in: 316 (I had breakfast on the way)
Treadmill: .25 mile jogging, less than .25 mile walking
Chest: 2 sets of 10 with 50 pound dumbells
Incline situps: 1 set of 40
curls, triceps, jumprope


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2 responses to “Back again

  1. Interesting… have you ever tried using the elliptical. It will put less stress on your ankle. You could be running incorrectly or something might be wrong with your ankle and you might need to see a doctor for X-rays.
    Hope your ankle gets better!

  2. I’ve had some good suggestions, and I really appreciate it. One that made a lot of sense is wearing better shoes. The other is the eliptical machine. I have used that before, but feel like I’m cheating. I’ll try going between it and the rowing machine for awhile. Maybe if I lost a few sandbags, I wouldn’t be putting so much stress on my joints, and it wouldn’t hurt so much.

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